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Benefits of Direct Mailings

Birgie Vertesch, Executive Director of “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society, share tips on conducting a successful direct mailing campaign.

Boost Year-end Donations with a Plan that Starts Right Now

Did you know that over 40% of donations to nonprofits come in the last few weeks of the year?

Check out this 1-hour webinar and supporting tips, templates, and guides from

Building Your Nest Egg

An Introduction to Raising Funds for National Wildlife Refuge Support Groups

Charitable Contributions

IRS Publication 1771, Charitable Contributions-Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements.

16-page PDF that explains the federal tax law for charitable organizations that receive tax-deductible contributions.

Charitable Solicitation Compliance

According to Harbor Compliance, “Charitable solicitation compliance is not optional. It is the law.” To help nonprofit navigate state fundraising regulations Harbor Compliance has published a white paper. Download the paper here.

Developing a Fundraising Plan

National Environmental Education Foundation’s National Public Lands Day Program presents a Fundraising Plan webinar, participants learned how to design a fundraising strategy and tackle the problems frequently found at each stage of the fundraising process. Watch the free webinar online.

Fundraising from plan to appeal

Do you need to raise some money for a project? Check out this 7-page guide provide by Creative Option C, LLC.

7-page, PDF, 176 KB

Fundraising Opportunities

List of fundraising opportunities recommended by Friends:

Giving Day Playbook

The Knight Foundation has created a Giving Day Playbook that guides you through all aspects of developing and implementing a Giving Day. Click here for planning, outreach, logistical, and followup materials.

Guide to Donor Management

Network4Good has created a guide to donor management and how you can analyze and utilize donor data.

14-page, PDF, 336 KB

Guide to donor management software

NTEN, idealware with other partners have created an 160-page guide that provides an overview of donor management systems.

How to Create a Fundraising Plan

Free guide from Network for Good to help you create a fundraising plan. The 2014 Individual Donor Benchmark Report finds a large correlation between fundraising success is whether or not an organization has a fundraising plan.

To download the guide go to

How to Write Amazing year-End Fundraising Appeals

A template from Network for Good to inspire more donations with a compelling message in December.

6-page PDF, 152 KB


Orvis: How We Give

Orvis commits 5% of pre-tax profits to protecting nature.

Orvis gives in three ways to protect nature, support communities, and advance canine health and well-being.



For more information go to

Peer Fundraising Campaign Planner

This fundraising campaign planner will help you learn how to grow your donor base to meet your fundraising goals. Check out this template created by Network 4 Good.

13-page, PDF, 193 KB

Recurring Giving: A Quick-Start Guide for Nonprofits

Network for Goods offers this guide to maximize your fundraising results and acquire more loyal donors with monthly donations. 

To access this 11-page guide go to

Sample Fundraising Appeal Letter Template

A sample fundraising appeal letter template that Pamela Grow shared with 4Goods.

1-page, PDF, 254KB

Sample Solicitation Letter I

Sample one-page solicitation letter from “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society.

Sample Solicitation Letter II

Sample one-page solicitation letter from “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society.

Stewardship of Your Donor Base

Birgie Vertesch, Executive Director, “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society shares tips on keeping donors.

Super Simple Fundraising Plan

Seven steps for creating a fundraising plans based on your priorities.

10-page PDF, 193 KB

The Complete Donor Thank You Guide

Tips, templates, check list and actual examples of creative thank yous that get a donors attention. This guide is from Network for Good, a donor-advised fund. Continue to download the guide.

25-page PDF, 1.6 MB

The Ultimate Donation Page Guide

Network for Good: The Source for Nonprofits offers a guide for creating, refining, testing, and improving online donation pages.The guide offers step-by-step format for online conversion and fundraising techniques.

27-page, PDF, 483 KB

Tips for Improving Fundraising Letters

Mary Cahalane from Hands on Fundraising offers 8 practical tips for fundraising letters. Click here to access the tips.

USFWS Friends Forward - Fundraising

Special Issue of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Friends Forward focusing on Fundraising.

Year-End Fundraising Survival Guide

Network for Good offers a free eGuide to show you how to make to most of your year-end giving campaigns. This guide offers practical advice for any fundraising campaign.

18-page PDF, 758 KB

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