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Jun 16

News from Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards

News from the Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards include: Photo Contest Winners! Photo Tour Fred Meyer Community Rewards Re-enrollment A little something for everyone… To access the newsletter click here.

Nov 06

National Wildlife Refuges are Economic Engines for Local Communities

 Conservation is Smart Use Of Taxpayer Dollars A new report released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) shows that national wildlife refuges are a good investment for American taxpayers and boost to local economies. The  Banking on Nature study shows that for every $1 Congress provides in funding to run the National Wildlife …

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Sep 03

Refuge Update – September/October 2013

The latest news from the Refuge System including: 7 URBAN WILDLIFE REFUGE PARTNERSHIPS ESTABLISHED Pilot projects reach out to city dwellers from Connecticut to Chicago to Houston to LA. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE RISES TO THE OCCASION Refuge employees help flood-ravaged Galena, Alaska. FERAL HORSES: A CONUNDRUM OF EPIC PROPORTIONS Sheldon National Wildlife …

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Jul 20

News from Friends of the Lower Suwanee & Cedar Keys NWR

Refuge Restoration Initiative — Bad Plants Invasive Species Plant Control Grant Awarded Under the leadership of Roger McDaniels and the Refuge Restoration team, Friends applied for a $9850 grant to help with control of invasive species on the Refuges. The application was a success. The grant was awarded. Volunteers will be needed to help with …

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Jun 10

Work and Play at Long Island NWR

The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex received a grant to work with the Friends of Wertheim (FOW) and volunteers to manage invasive plants. Approximately, 35 non-native plant species have been identified within the Refuge Complex, which have infested upland and wetland areas and degraded native wildlife habitat. Refuge Staff will work with the …

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