Jul 13

Friends Forward available online

This is the first online-only issue of Friends Forward.  Please forward this information broadly to Friends and staff that work with Friends, as hard copies of this special issue will NOT be mailed out.  

This brand new special issue of Friends Forward is devoted entirely to fundraising.  In this issue:

  • Email, snail mail and online,
  • Capital campaigns and bequests,
  • Special events and creative projects,
  • Tips, contacts, links and resources.

Click here to download a pdf version: http://www.fws.gov/refuges/Friends/pdfs/FFSpecialIssueFundraisingSum_2012.pdf

Print individual articles as needed and forward the link to others who can use the information.

Enjoy – and may you find ideas that work for you!

Please direct any feedback about online-only issues of Friends Forward to Karen_Leggett@fws.gov.  Since this is the first online-only issue, we’d like to know if it has a positive/negative effect on distribution and readership.

format: 12-page PDF

size 1.6 MB