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Banking on Nature

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report that shows that national wildlife refuges are a good investment for American BONNWRAhighrestaxpayers and are a boost to local economies.

Banking on Nature Infographic

Banking on Nature infographic that shows refuges are a great investment.

Bringing Environmental Education to Diverse Audiences

“In this Special Report, you will read about children who are acting out the life cycle of a Laysan albatross, gaining traditional and scientific knowledge about fish in Alaska, finding ghost crabs on Texas Gulf Coast beaches, and measuring water quality in Florida.Such experiences will stay with children all their lives.  Research tells us that such “wild nature” adventures during childhood are associated with environmentally-friendly behaviors in adulthood. Environmental education is fundamental to nurturing a strong land ethic.  We can all help connect children to America’s great outdoors.”    Dan Ashe, Director, USFWS

44-page, PDF, 7.8 MB

Friends Forward

National Wildlife Refuge Systems’ quarterly publication for Friends. Contains pertinent articles about the Refuge System, programs, Friends, and Q&A.

Friends NewsWire

Each month the Refuge Systems’ Friends NewsWire provides a series of ready-to-use stories. These stories can be used by Refuge Friends in their online or printed publications.

Refuge Update

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bimonthly newsletter.

Visitor Survey Results

Visitor Survey Results From 25 More Refuges
Results from the latest 25 refuges participating in a visitor survey are available. They are part of the collaboration with the U.S. Geological Survey designed to understand visitor experiences on wildlife refuges. The survey was conducted in 2012. Results provide valuable information for site-specific management as well as transportation and other planning.  Results for the 25 refuges can be found at

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