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2016 Arctic Communication Workshop

The National Wildlife Refuge Association and Resource Media hosted two communications training for Friends in New Mexico and Florida on how to communicate about America’s wildest wildlife refuge – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Arctic Refuge is one of our crown jewels, but is often surrounded by controversy, it offered Refuge Friends Groups an excellent opportunity to learn how to tackle complex refuge issues in a way that advances the mission and goals of the Refuge System while also building communications skills that can be adapted to virtually any local refuge issue your organization may encounter.

New Mexico WorkshopNew Mexico
Communication PowerPoint
Arctic Refuge in your Background
Audience Analysis 1 Worksheet
Audience Analysis III Worksheet
Audience Analysis IV Worksheet
Messaging Worksheet
Media Planning Worksheet
Effective Presentation Planning Handout
Interview Tipsheet Handout
Evaluation Worksheet

Florida Workshop

Florida photo

Communication PowerPoint
Arctic in your Backyard
Audience Analysis I Worksheet
Audience Analysis II Worksheet
Audience Analysis III Worksheet
Audience Analysis IV Worksheet
Messaging Worksheet
Effective Presentation Planning Worksheet
Interview Tipsheet
Communication Planning Worksheet
Evaluation Worksheet


Meeting MIssion Workshop at Chincoteague

Attached are copies of presentations, handouts, and notes from the Meeting Mission workshop at Chinctoteague National Wildlife Refuge, October 16-18th, 2015.

IRS Governance Check Sheet,
Sample Internal Audit Instructions,
Form 990 FAQ, http://re2015-10-16
Overview of Insurance,
Governance Committee,
Board Matrix,
Action Plan,

Building your Major Donor List,
Corporate Fundraising for “Friends” Organizations,
Tips for Effective Mail and Email Fundraising,
What happens at a donor visit?,
Why Stories?,
The ten most important thinks you can know about fundraising,
Flip charts from presentation:
– Who gives,
– Household giving,
– Determining who to ask,
– Repeat Donors,
– Giving Principle 1,
– Giving Principle 2,
– Giving Principle 3,

Influencing Decision Makers:
Overview of Advocacy including Lobbying,
IRS Form 5768,
Keeping Track of Lobbying,
Stand for Your Mission: Discussion Guide,
Stand for Your Mission: Board Role in Advocacy,
Work Plan for Building Relationship with Decision Makers,
Flip charts from presentation:
– Public policies,

Break time,
Pony round-up,
Takes a Friends,
Bob, Frank and Ann at work,
Bob won fabulous sunglasses,

New Jersey Peer-to-peer Coaching Workshop June 27-28, 2014

Friends of Great Swamp NWR has awarded a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Peer-to-peer Coaching grant to host a two-day workshop of Refuge Friends from New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania/Eastern New York/Delaware.
The workshop took place on Friday afternoon, June 27 and Saturday, June 28.

Click for materials and resources generated by the workshop.

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