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A Community Guide to Nature Tourism

A Community Guide to Nature Tourism by State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

24-page, PDF, 3.6 MB

Banking on Nature

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report that shows that national wildlife refuges are a good investment for American BONNWRAhighrestaxpayers and are a boost to local economies.

Banking on Nature Infographic

Banking on Nature infographic that shows refuges are a great investment.

Nature Tourism in Ohio

Nature Tourism in Ohio

A summary of recent studies and discussions with Ohio’s tourism business and parks community.

66 – page PowerPoint, 4.3 MB

Outdoor Recreation an Economic Powerhouse

The Outdoor Industry Association’s website provides state reports that show consumer spending and jobs associated with outdoor recreation. To check it out go to 

The Department of the Interior's Economic Contributions, FY 2011

The Department of the Interior plays a substantial role in the U.S. economy, supporting over two million
jobs and approximately $385 billion in economic activity for 2011. American citizens and industry, at
work and at play, all benefit from Interior’s natural and cultural resource management: maintaining lands
for recreation, protecting cultural and historical resources, storing and conveying water, generating power,
leasing mineral rights, and providing valuable information to mineral markets.

The source for this material is the Executive Summary of this DOI report.

225-page PDF

The Economics Associated with Outdoor Recreation, Natural Resources Conservation and Historic Preservation in the United States

Combined Value of Outdoor Recreation, Nature Conservation and Historic Preservation
Values for jobs, tax revenues and other economic impacts are reported in this review for numerous forms of outdoor recreation, conservation and historic preservation activities.

Washington State: Outdoor recreation is big business

Three reports from Washington state on the economic benefit of outdoor recreation.

Your Duck Stamp Dollars at Work

Duck stamp groupCornell Lab of Ornithology developed a highly informative map to show the every National Wildlife Refuge that has received funding through Stamp dollars. This involves 252 refuges in the lower 48 states. Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp have posed the map on their website

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