Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnerships

We are seeking new and current Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnerships to apply for matching funding through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundations’ 5 Star proposal process, due Feb 3rd. Please spread the word to all Service programs working to engage urban communities in conservation.

Information is available at the following link, and will be discussed briefly at the Urban Webinar on Dec 4th: http://www.nfwf.org/fivestar/Pages/2015RFP.aspx#.VFpJ_skQv0U

Approximately $360,000 is available from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to fund Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnerships and Urban Bird Treaty projects.

Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnerships engage communities in conservation on easily-accessible lands that the Service does not own. They involve residents in place-based outdoor experiences that foster connections with fish, wildlife and their habitats. Proposals should address the Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership priorities (partnerships, measurable results, sustainability) and demonstrate how the project will meet at least one of the Standards of Excellence for Urban Wildlife Refuges and Partnerships (located at http://www.fws.gov/urban).

Urban Bird Treaty projects should have an emphasis on enhancing urban habitats for birds, engaging citizens in bird conservation and connecting diverse and youth audiences to birds and bird conservation as well as an activity that contributes to the Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2016 centennial recognition celebration of the signing of the first Migratory Bird Treaty (1916). Proposals should address three or more of the Urban Bird Treaty goals (see:http://www.fws.gov/migratorybirds/Partnerships/UrbanTreaty/urbantreaty.html) see: htp://www.fws.gov/urban

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