TechSoup: Great Resource for Refuge Friends Non-Profit Groups

Join us for a Self-Guided Tour of the TechSoup Website

Your self-guided tour begins here:

Tour Stop #1 About TechSoup

Each of these links will take you to general information about all of the services and products that TechSoup offers to Non-Profits. It will be worth your time to read these excellent descriptions of an organization that has a remarkable history of support for non-profits.  Their original and ongoing mission has always been to ensure that non-profits have access to the technology hardware, software and training they deserve to have no matter how small or large they are. 

Tour Stop #2 Join TechSoup:

I hope you will seriously consider joining TechSoup which can be of such great benefit in so many ways to your Friends’ group.  Go to the page via the link for specific steps that you can follow to register your Friends’ group with TechSoup. 

Tour  Stop #3 How to Use TechSoup:

As you look around on this page, be sure to notice the left-hand column.  Pay special attention to the impressive list of tasks included under the title *Browse by Task*.  Click on a few that might be things your Friends’ group has talked about needing to do or wanting to learn about.

The second area of this page to note is the amazing list of partners, *Browse by Partners*.  There are 52 of them currently listed! Knowing that TechSoup literally had its beginnings out of the back of a truck which the founder of TechSoup would drive around picking up donated hardware and then personally deliver it to nonprofits he was familiar with, this list represents the impressive global reach of the current TechSoup organization.


The story behind this virtual tour of TechSoup:

A personal note about how I have been able to learn so much about TechSoup may be of interest to you: I was very active for more than two years in the virtual world of Second Life.  I became a virtual volunteer mentor for TechSoup Global as part of their Second Life project to give nonprofits a virtual presence.  TechSoup has a virtual village in which every member nonprofit has a virtual office in which they can connect with people from around the world who support their causes.  Every Friday morning in Second Life, representatives of the numerous non-profits active in Second Life, meet in TechSoup’s Non-Profit Commons to talk about the projects that their nonprofits are involved in.  I was an active participant in those virtual meetings for more than two years. 


Thanks for joining us on this virtual tour of the TechSoup website!



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