Nonprofit Risk Management Center

The National Wildlife Refuge Association has joined the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) as an Affiliate Member to help Friends groups manage their risk and understand their insurance needs. The NRMC specializes in providing risk management tools, advice, and materials to thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country. The NRMC’s Affiliate Membership program entitles affiliates of the National Wildlife Refuge Association to practical risk management resources.


The Center has the expertise to provide nonprofit organizations with guidance to understand the risks they face and behaviors to minimize those risks. They help organizations become aware of situations that could create risk and provide useful tools and coping strategies. Their goal is to help manage risk so you can focus on your mission.


Two of the most useful benefits for Refuge Association affiliate members include the NRMC’s Risk Help service and access to helpful webinars:

  • Risk Help is a support service designed to address any questions Affiliate Members may have regarding risk management. All Friends groups may utilize Risk Help by calling or emailing the NRMC with any risk management-related questions.
  • Friends members may attend live risk management webinars each month that cover a multitude of topics including general risk management, legal risk, governance and risk oversight, and managing human resource risk. These live webinars are a fantastic, interactive way for Friends groups to learn more about managing risk and developing strategies that can be utilized at your own organization.


In addition to the live webinars, the NRMC’s webinar vault is available to Refuge Association affiliates. . The webinar vault contains more than one hundred recorded webinars conducted by NRMC experts on essential risk management topics.


Refuge Association affiliates may also take advantage of specialized services for a fraction of the cost normally paid by non-members. Included among these services is the NRMC’s “My Risk Management Plan” series that consists of 14 modules, each of which contain key elements for developing a strong risk management plan. Friends groups can create their own unique management policies by utilizing the NRMC’s template risk management policy language.


Friends groups must be affiliates of the Refuge Association to receive NRMC Affiliate Member benefits. The Refuge Association Affiliate Program is available to groups supporting the natural and culturally resources of a refuge. If you are interested in joining the Refuge Association’s Affiliate Program and taking advantage of the services the NRMC offers affiliates of the Refuge Association, please contact Joan Patterson (202-290-5594) to receive the Refuge Association login information. Once you have logged in to the NRMC website, you will have access to all Affiliate Member benefits.


NRMC Affiliate Member Login Page:


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Joan Patterson (202-290-5594).