Habitat Heroes mini-grants

Cornell Lab’s BirdSleuth program wants your help in improving schoolyard habitats for birds.  We’re excited to announce that we’re offering grants to support teachers in their efforts… thanks to our sponsors at Pennington®  Wild Bird Food brand, you can win cash and prizes to support habitat improvements and citizen science monitoring at your school!

Participate in three easy steps:

1. We’d like to see what you’re already doing on your schoolyard. Submit your existing habitat efforts on theBirdSleuth Action Map.  It’s OK if your actions are small to start!  You can use our Habitat Heroes Flyer to get ideas. (Tip: Submit to the Action Map early to have the best chance for selection!)

2. Every month from January through June, 2014, we will invite as many as 10 schools from the Action Map to apply for Habitat Heroes mini-grants so they can take their projects further. If your school gets chosen to apply, we’ll request that you fill out a very simple form to tell us what you’d like to do and what kind of support you need to take your project further.

3. We’ll make monthly monetary awards to schools who share their great ideas for improving their schoolyards for birds, monitoring birds there, and using the habitat to learn science! Whether we fund your plans or not, we hope that you will implement your habitat improvement plans and make the area better for birds and kids!

If we invite you to apply for the mini-grant, Cornell Lab Educators will have the following judging criteria for the awards:

  • We like the project.
  • The project includes habitat improvements, learning about birds, and/or citizen science.
  • The project takes place at a school.
  • The project has been well-planned and it’s really going to happen.
  • Applicants exlplain how the money requested will be spent. The budget has been broken down and it’s clear that the cost of things/services has been researched.

“The fine print”

Grants will range from $100-750.  We anticipate that prizes totaling $10,000 will be given out to approximately 30 schools throughout the United States. These grants can be used by teachers to fund everything from feeders, to seed… from curriculum materials to native plants.  We hope you’ll think broadly about the ways you can monitor and improve your schoolyard habitat for birds and people!

While anyone can submit to the Action Map, only schools are eligible to win Habitat Heroes mini-grants.


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